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Drug Rehab Center

Why To Choose Us?

We conduct therapies which involve one on one sessions and group sessions. We have our medical officers available for 24 hours. We do allow the family members of the patient to meet him twice in a week so that they can have some family bonding time. Other than the therapy sessions, we have sports and exercise as an integral part of their daily routine. We also make our patients do meditation in the morning.


Thanks to our hard working and efficient staff who work diligently so that the organization functions smoothly. Our staff includes doctors, therapists, nurses, counselors and dieticians. We make sure that our patients eat the healthiest food to keep them strong throughout the detox process. But we have zero tolerance towards any misconduct by the patients.


We have strict restrictions that nobody can keep any drug with them. This helps us to speed up their recovery process. To get in touch with us, you can drop us a mail or call us our toll free number. You will be guided further by our executive.

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